Cost of Living Calculator

Is staying at home the way to save?

This easy online calculator will give you the facts.

Use it to total current expenses. You'll get a figure that will help you compare living at home to everything included in the services and amenities offered by the Covenant Living of Turlock.

  • Home Ownership
  • Home Upkeep
  • Lifestyle
  • Wellness

Stage 1: Home Ownership

What's the true cost of staying in your home? Total up all the key factors, from your mortgage or rent to property taxes, insurance and periodic repairs.

What do you currently spend each month for:


How much do you currently pay monthly for your mortgage or rent?



How much do you pay for property tax? (Take your yearly payment and divide it by 12)?


How much do you pay monthly for homeowner's or renter's insurance?

Stage 2: Home Upkeep

Now add up everything you spend on everyday bills—utilities, yard work, gutter cleaning and more. Don’t forget to think about all the time you spend on household chores. Couldn’t that be time better spent?

What do you currently spend each month for:


How much do you spend on major home repairs (i.e. roof repairs, foundation repairs, driveway repairs, remodeling)? Take this yearly amount and divide it by 12.


What is your monthly utility cost (i.e. electricity, gas, water, trash removal, sewer, cable TV)?


How much do you spend on housekeeping per month (i.e. cleaning supplies, cleaning/maid service)?


How much do you spend each month on home and property maintenance (i.e. plumbing, electricity, pest control, painting, HVAC, lighting, yard care, gutter cleaning, tree pruning).

Stage 3: Lifestyle

You’re paying for the rising cost of groceries and gasoline, let alone the extras–entertainment, recreation and travel. How big a bite does all that take out of your budget?

What do you currently spend each month for:


How much do you spend on dining out each month?


How much do you spend on recreation and entertainment each month?

Stage 4: Wellness

Perhaps you’re paying for a health club membership. Perhaps you need caregiver services. You may be subscribing to an emergency service or a 24-hour security system.

What do you currently spend each month for:


How much do you spend on 24-hour security and/or emergency services per month?


What is your monthly health club membership fee?


How much do you typically spend on caregiver services per month?

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